Transcendent Gallop
— an exhilarating journey beyond the limitation of locomotion

Size 2.8m (H) × 0.6m (Dia)
Species Falcateria moluccana (Batai Wood)
Design Element Relief sculpture, Column
Color Light-toned
Place Tuen Mun
Tree Source The University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam
Client Bollore Logistics
Completion date 2024 April

Since Feb. 29, 2024, Bolloré Logistics is a part of the CMA CGM Group, alongside CEVA Logistics. Together, Bolloré Logistics and CEVA Logistics form a Top 5 global logistics player. The Group’s logistics activities are now carried out by 86,000 permanent employees. These two leaders represents nearly one million tons of air freight, approximately two million TEUs of ocean freight, and more than 11 million square meters at more than 1,000 warehouses globally.

Bolloré Logistics (Hong Kong) positioned itself to provide its customers with an improved, more direct and transparent delivery service between the two cities- HK & Macau, via HONG KONG-ZHUHAI-MACAU BRIDGE (HZMB). This new service provides faster time to market, departure time flexibility and 24/7 customs clearance all year round in Macau.

Bolloré Logistics Hong Kong has also expanded its fleet of electric vehicles for local deliveries, thereby reducing carbon emissions, and strengthening its commitment to the development of sustainable logistics solutions.  Through this initiative, Bolloré Logistics Hong Kong is contributing to Bolloré Logistics’ CSR program “Powering Sustainable Logistics”, taking another step in reducing its environmental footprint and preserving biodiversity, one of the 11 program commitments.


The design brief was to design two art columns to conceal the two structural teel columns appeared inside the office of Bollore Logistic Center. By using two single main branches of the upcycled Batai Wood tree, the Timberbank team sliced the large branch with a chainsaw into two halves, and create an internal trench to encase the structural column. The column were precut by chainsaw manually and sent into the kiln dryer for drying process prior to craftsmanship. As the wood shrinks and bends according to its grain direction, the dried halves were further resaw to achieve almost-perfect flat seam, in order to conceal the joining edge.

ReDESIGN Concept

Reference to The Abduction of Rebecca by French artist Eugène Delacroix and Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David in 1801, the idea of glorious fleet moving forward in the midst of celestial billows is taken to represent the vision and connection of Bollore Logistics office and its invaluable client whom it is serving.

ReDESIGN Process

The columns are further crafted manually to create a swirling pattern of clouds and movement, uplifting the aesthetics and function. Swirling upward in both directions, it symbolizes the duo development of HK & Macau business of the client.

The timber columns were then carefully installed and encased onto the existing column, and then concealed to become a seamless ordinary timber pillar.


The timber used for this piece originates from a large Batai Wood tree (Falcataria moluccana) that was removed in 2023 from Pok Fu Lam Road in HKU St.John College, due to disease. The tree had a majestic presence and was salvaged by HK Timberbank, where it underwent drying and post-processing treatments.


The work is marked with a blockchain tag created by our IT partner OneChain, which client can scan the NFC embedded in the unique captions. OneChain is a blockchain technology company based in Hong Kong, committed to facilitating seamless blockchain adoption for enterprises with blockchain infrastructure and applications. The flagship product, ESGLedger, redefines ESG data traceability and i the first Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution in the market dedicated to ESG product and data traceability, enabling organizations to meet sustainability goals and enhance transparency.

Transcendent Gallop—an exhilarating journey beyond the limitation of locomotion

2024 April
Dimensions: 2.8m (H) × 0.6m (Dia)
Client: Bollore Logistics
Location: Siu Lang Shui Road, Area 49, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong
Creative Director: Ricci Wong
Team: HK Timberbank

Art column | Batai Wood, Light-toned | Relief sculpture